Sunday, October 30, 2011

Sunday Morning in Banglamphu

Episode 4 in the YouTube animated series by Roosuflood is up on what to do to protect your home and family from the Bangkok floods. Where can I get a broom to defend small children from sea monsters, or is it too late, like getting bottled water from 7-11?

I've just dropped off my last load of laundry and I'm starting to get sentimental. I'm flying out from Thailand to Australia on Tuesday. I won't be back this way for some time. I never would have thought it would have been from 2003-2011 in between my last visits to Bangkok. I'd hate for it to be another eight years.

Here are links to my other photos of the flooding/non-flooding:

Sunday and Monday
Friday night

We still don't have flood waters in my part of the city, though I've heard across the khlong, they're taking on water (they're by the river). Here's evidence that Rambuttri is dry, as the red coconut seller of Khao San Road gets ready for the day this morning.

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