Friday, October 28, 2011

Evening Flood Review

This fort doesn't usually have a moat.
It's just gotten dark here on Friday night in Bangkok. We're still under a severe flood warning so I went over to the river at sunset to see how high the Chao Phraya River had risen since I shot video on Wednesday night.

The difference in Banglamphu is not too bad. The water has risen, for sure, but given the state of disaster everyone was prepared for, we're going pretty well. I could still walk out to the river taxi pier, but this time, it was good I was wearing my Tevas as the water came midway up my shins. A Buddhist nun was there too, and we both marveled at the submerged walkway.

And then I saw a snake. Not on the pier. Coming out of a hole in the sidewalk just up from the river taxi entrance. A Thai man scared it away by banging a loud container. I didn't go too was a scary-looking snake.

Here are a few photos I snapped a few minutes ago.

And in case you are worried that I am in a flood, I'm not. I have to actively go over to the river to seek out the river overcoming its banks. We have a little rain tonight, but no flooding.

The last photo is of my street. No water in sight.

The walkway has been submerged for a week.
Soi Rambuttri, near Khao San Road. No flooding as of yet.

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  1. Thanks a lot for your info. I know all the places where you've taken the pictures. Hope the water will go back. It's a disaster for all the poor people out there ... Expecting your next report from the waterfront. This was Germany calling.