Thursday, September 15, 2011

Little Wookies

The downside of staying in a smaller backpacker's lodge was that they didn't have a morning excursion going to the Semenggoh Wildlife Centre today. No one else had signed up.

No problem. I'd just wandered down the street to the much bigger lodge—Singgahsana—and booked onto their morning tour. And that's how I found myself listening to Curious George Rides A Bike en route to seeing some orangutans. A mom in the van was reading to her daughter.

Curious George barely got anywhere on his bicycle before we were at the park and offloaded onto hiking path. I followed a huge group of people into the reserve to see the morning feeding of the reserve's semi-wild orangutans.

"Wow, they are like short wookies," I thought, watching the orangutans sturdily meander onto the feeding platform. I watched for ages, until the orangutans left, aside from a shy mother and baby, who came down a tree on the other side where the ranger met them.

I had really started to enjoy my trip recently. And I wasn't sure I wanted to go back home anymore. Home is full of challenges, much harder than problems you encounter on the road.

This IS my comfort zone.

Here are more photos of orangutans and of the later part of the day when I went wandering around Kuching.

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