Thursday, June 23, 2011

I Need to Learn How to Do This

I gathered up my possessions and left the hotel I'd stayed in for the past four nights, the first of my scheduled month-long rest stop in Bangkok.

I'd miss the bookstore that sold yummy iced coffee and the street food sellers across the block. Two nights ago, I'd bought some noodles from an older man there. He'd served me with a friendly "Okay, farang, you owe me 30 baht."

But I'd have 40 times the number of street food vendors in Banglamphu, near the backpackers ghetto called Khao San Road. And I'd be closer to the canal (or khlong) boat taxi and the Chao Phraya river boat taxi. The former goes to the metro. The latter goes to the monorail. Connections on Khao San are less of a pain in the butt once you take to the water—that's something I worked out in 2000, a month before I conceived a little project called MariesWorldTour.

And I'd have endless cheap foot massages and all the mango-and-sticky-rice I could dream of.

But nothing had prepared me for this fringe benefit. The elephant towel at my new hotel was so cute I didn't even dismantle it, not for days, until finally I *had* to know how they made an elephant out of a towel.

I ruined it, of course.

But the housekeepers made me a new one the next day.

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  1. Rest assured my friend. If you ever miss having an elephant towel, there are instructional videos online to show you how to make you one.