Friday, December 9, 2011

Gearing Up for Company

I headed back to Tahiti on the once-weekly flight from Easter Island/Rapa Nui. Leaving felt a little weird, like I'd just started to figure out this little-town-turned-tourist-attraction and then it was time to leave.

My adorable French-Rapa Nui family left me at the airport with some kind of feather charm that mean I was destined to return.

"Je vais rentrer," I said clumsily. They smiled politely. Maybe they understood.

And now I am back in Tahiti, about to board the Aranui 3 freighter for two weeks sailing the Marquesas. I'll have internet intermittently. Like *really* intermittently, and slow at that. In fact, it may seem like I'm dead. But I'll post when I can, and I can post from my phone if I can find a signal.

Check the Twitter feed at the middle right of this page to get my most current status.

Which is probably "miserable," given that this is a ship full of other people, and we all know I don't play well with groups. ;)

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  1. Thanks for the inspiration. I cannot imagine making a journey like this once, let alone twice. And, great photography!