Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Bamako Bridge Video

If I actually got my Ghana visa, I'd be leaving Bamako soon. So it was time to take care of an errand. I needed to try one last time to get rid of my Gambian money.

I walked across the bridge over the Niger. It connects the suburb that Sleeping Camel is in—Badalabougou Est—to the diesel-choked downtown. On the money-changing front, I was semi-successful. At least, I got rid of it. I took a huge hit, but it was enough that the money changers took it off my hands. And as a bonus, I got to ride back in a bus with a windshield adorned with an A4 printout of Gaddafi's face.

I won't be walking across the bridge again. There's almost no curb between the oncoming moped lane and the sidewalk. It was a little scary, and the air quality at rush hour was gross.

But I was interested to see that during rush hour, the bridge is one-way, and there is a moped lane that is separate from the car lanes. Here, see for yourself.


  1. audio only.. no video

  2. It would appear that Safari doesn't like your video...

  3. Hi
    I am unable to see the video.
    Best regards.

  4. Argh,can't do a thing about it at the moment.Internet down in crappy hotel,internet cafe barely works. I hope I can troubleshoot tomorrow night.

  5. But it's nice to know people are reading!

  6. You're right; it does look scary!