Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Landing in Tasmania

I'm in Hobart, Tasmania, where eating out is one helluva lot more reasonable than it was in Western Australia. But I couldn't tell you much about Hobart yet. I can barely keep my eyes open.

The red eye flight took about three hours from Perth to Melbourne, and we changed time zones as well. So while I was in the terminal at Melbourne at six in the morning, it sure didn't feel like six to me. I was so tired that I nearly missed my connecting flight while typing an email to Roberta—the entire plane had loaded and I hadn't even noticed. I was the last one to board the Virgin Blue flight and the door was closed behind me.

Once in Hobart, I collected my tent, sleeping bag, mat, and backpack and caught a shuttle to Hobart Hostel. My room wasn't ready for an hour, so I ate at the cafe across the street.

The real challenge came with keeping my eyes open in my room while doing laundry nearby. I seemed to do laundry the entire day, but that's not right, is it? I also went through all my possessions—I'd lost my mini MagLite, which I bought in Singapore in 2001. Where did I lost it? Bangkok? Bali?

I packed up what I wouldn't need and put it in the hostel storage cage along with the camping gear. I was going on a five-day hostel-based trip with Intrepid in the morning and didn't want to drag along anything I didn't need.

Deciding to go with Intrepid had taken me ages to commit to—ultimately, it was when my Australian friends told me that Tasmanian weather is erratic that I decided I'd be better off with a small group and dorms rather than my own little tent.

And brrrr—I was glad now to have made that decision.

Can I handle a little group after being along for so long? We'll find out in the morning.

This could be funny.

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