Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Room With A View

I went to bed without supper—god forbid I should get food poisoning with the toilets on offer at the Rangphu Monastery guesthouse—and in the morning, woke up at six to look out the window.


And snow.

Snow? Where had that come from?

My guide, Rinchin, had made sure that I got a room with a view of Mt. Everest. Except the fog had messed up his plan.

But at seven, Rinchin peering into my big window. (Fortunately, I was clothed, though I was blowing my nose.)

"The mountain!"

I hurried outside with my camera.

"It has never disappointed me yet, not in a hundred times of coming here," he murmured as we stood in the center of the tiny village, between the stupa of Rongphu Monastery and our guesthouse. He even took a few photos with his phone.

"We were lucky because it snowed. Snow is good luck."

Yep. I was glad we'd gone hours out of our way, put up with filth and rain and a breakfast pancake made palatable only by the single-serving Nutella I'd been carrying since Bangkok, and didn't even mind that we had to take the old road—("The driver wants to know if you've even been on a road like this." "Tell him I've been on roads worse that this.")—all the way back to the new road today since we were heading south.

Because the mountain was stunning.

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  1. That Stupa picture is STILL one of my favorites, but this last picture of Everest is pretty amazing too...